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Please, find below a brief description of the open positions associated with this project (2024). Please submit your application by filling out this form, providing a short CV, a motivation letter, and a recommendation letter, complying to each application deadline.

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with previous experience as detailed below, with interpersonal skills who can contribute to the lab community and with disposition for international internships. Candidates should have completed their PhD degrees no longer than 7 years ago and should have a good command of both oral and written English. We also look for candidates with a strong track record in topics related to each position. Our laboratories are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. As such, our evaluation will seek to find the most suitable applicants regardless of their origin or preferences.

Other graduate or postdoctoral applications to develop research and innovation projects within the framework of our Colloids cluster are welcome, with no deadlines | please check FAPESP guidelines and reach out to our team at with a letter of intent and a short CV.


POSTDOC FELLOWSHIP: Enzyme-loaded Multiple Coacervate Emulsions
Supervisors: W Loh (UNICAMP) 


This Project aims at preparing and characterizing multiple polymeric coacervate emulsions, which will be selectively loaded with enzymes. Polymeric coacervates should be selected based on their affinity to ensure immiscibility and emulsion characteristics will be evaluated using varied microscopy techniques. Enzyme affinity for each phase will be screened using isothermal titration calorimetry. The evolution of each phase and of the coacervate droplets will be tuned aiming at reproducing (proto)cellular processes and with the purpose of achieving moving actuators responsive to specific targets. Overall emulsion stability will be optimized using Pickering protocols. Experience with microfluidics is also relevant for future applications of the selected emulsions.

Deadline: July 1st, 2024 | Start: ASAP | Salary: BRL 9,047.40/mo


POSTDOC FELLOWSHIP: A Bioinspired Mucociliary Clearance System Based on Mucin-Mimetic Supramolecular Glycopolymers and Artificial Magnetic Cilia for Human Airway Stents  

Supervisors: W Loh (Unicamp), CG Otoni (UFSCar) & R Kieltyka (Leiden Univ)


This is an international collaboration project founded by FAPESP and NWO, led by Profs Watson Loh (IQ-UNICAMP) and Roxanne Kieltyka (Leiden University, NL), including researchers from INCOR/USP, DEMa/UFSCar, ICTSJC/Unifesp, ICT/UNESP, and Fundação Adib Jatene in Brazil, and Delft University, NL). 

This project aims at the development of synthetic mimics of the functional components involved in mucociliary clearance based on mucin-inspired supramolecular glycopolymers and artificial magnetic cilia that can be activated by an external magnetic field. We will explore the synergy between these synthetic components on the movement of mucus out of a tubular configuration for its eventual use in tracheal stents that consist solely of silicone-based tubings. The upgrade of these medical devices to an active, biomimetic platform is anticipated to reduce biofilm formation and infection due to the regenerable surfaces provided by the supramolecular polymers and the beating of the artificial cilia through their magnetic actuation. 

The highly interdisciplinary nature of the proposal and matched expertise of the consortium on the Brazilian and Dutch sides, with support from medical centers and a non-profit organization, will facilitate the development of this bioinspired platform for mucociliary clearance from the molecular to the macroscale for tracheal health. This project should build on early investigations from this group (, and potential candidates should present a strong background in polymer science, preferably with expertise in polymer processing, modification, and characterization techniques. The selected candidate will coordinate efforts from both Brazilian and Dutch teams and is expected to spend an internship in Leiden.

Deadline: August 1st, 2024 | Start: ASAP | Salary: BRL 9,047.40/mo

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